Submission Guidelines

General guidelines for submission include the following:

  1. Double-spaced
  2. File format: Word .doc, .docx, or .pdf
  3. One-inch margins all around; justified left, ragged right
  4. Single return for each new paragraph (no extra lines)
  5. Each paragraph indented approximately a quarter-inch (0.25)
  6. Font: Times New Roman 12 pt for all text (no TNR PMS)
  7. Put a page number on every page, top right. (See Header format below.)
  8. Place a Header on every page in this format: Firstname Lastname/Story Title/Genre/Page #
  9. Include a synopsis if necessary, to let the readers know more about your story before they read your excerpt. Cover the following information:
    1. WHO: Name your characters, and put their names in bold for emphasis. Explain briefly who they are and what their motivation is in the scene you are presenting.
    2. WHAT: What is the problem in this scene that needs to be dealt with or resolved?
    3. WHEN: When does this scene take place?
    4. WHERE: Where does this scene take place?
    5. WHY: Explain why this situation is important to the story.
    6. HOW: How will the protagonist’s goal be attempted or accomplished?
  10. Name your file like this: FirstnameLastname-Title-Genre-MeetingDate mmddyy.ext. Example: StephenKing-Carrie-Horror-061377.doc
  11. Send your manuscript as an email attachment to with SUBMISSION and the meeting date (example: Submission 20Jan2018) in the subject line by the deadline, which is the Sunday before the group meets at 11:59 p.m. for 10-page submissions. Meetings for works of other submission lengths will have longer review times for critiquers that will be communicated via email.
  12. Please let us know if your work contains sex or violence. Some reviewers may not want to review such work. In addition, if you have any questions for the reviewers, include them in the synopsis before they start reading your submission.

Refer to the Submission-Template-FirstnameLastname-Title-Genre-MeetingDate document at this link to download the basic format and use it over and over!