Welcome to the LA Writers Critique Group website!  Please see below for our schedule of meetings and browse our site for more information about participating.

07/13/2019Developing good writing habits and dropping bad onesSilver Lake Library9:30–12
8/3/2019Learn how to submit a short story for publication (10-page submissions critique)San Rafael Library10–12
8/10/2019Five Act Structure: A different approach to story structureSilver Lake Library9:30–12
9/7/2019The Joys of Creating BackstorySan Rafael Library10-12:30
9/14/2019Working with an EditorSilver Lake Library9:30–12
10/5/2019A Writer's Inspiration: Swimming in the Stream of ConsciousnessSan Rafael Library10-12:30
10/26/2019All about Indie PublishingSilver Lake Library9:30–12
11/2/2019100-page Critiques (No Presentation)San Rafael Library10-12:30
11/9/2019Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: Posing and answering essential questions in a storySilver Lake Library9:30–12
12/7/2019Holiday Music Singalong and Critiques!San Rafael Library10-12:30
12/14/2019Scene Structure: Scene and Summary/SequelSilver Lake Library9:30–12
World-building: Not just for genre fiction
Discovering Character through Interviews

How Our Group Works

Submissions for each workshop will be saved to a specific Google Drive folder. The link to the folder will appear in the blog post for that workshop. For example, to find the submissions for May 4, go to that blog post and click on the link.

Each session’s documents and associated info (such as the document showing which group you are in for that week) will be included in that same folder. Keep in mind that you will link to the shared drive from this website, so we’ll point you here from our emails sent from Meetup.

We are also creating and updating a mailing list so that we can send updates and reminders to you from outside of the Meetup setup. Please be patient as we figure out how best to do this!


We started on Meetup.com at: https://www.meetup.com/LAwriterscritiquegroup/ and can be found on Facebook at https://fb.me/LAwriterscritiquegroup

We are a group dedicated to writing, finishing, and publishing a novel, memoir, or short story. We critique each others’ work and serve as a support group for helping writers plot, organize, and publish their writing. We meet at the San Rafael Library and the Silver Lake Library. The format goes like this: At 9:30 or 10 a.m., the library opens. There is a presentation on the day’s subject that should last about a half-hour, unless we have a special guest star visiting. When the presentation is done, we begin the critiques.

Our group handles the following types of submissions:

  • 10-page excerpts
  • 30-page excerpts
  • First 100 pages
  • Full book manuscripts

Refer to the meeting descriptions in our blog to figure out when we accept works of different lengths for critique!

This  group is designed to help writers prepare a quality manuscript by critiquing work and discussing writing topics.

We all work hard at reading and commenting on our members’ manuscripts.

Some of us have been writing for years. Some of us are novices. All of us are dedicated to the craft of writing. We use Meetup and this website as a commitment to keep working on our projects.

We come from a variety of backgrounds. We are of all ages, but we have fiction and memoir writing in common.


October 26, 2019 Meeting

This is the link for the October 26, 2019 meeting. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U95lFXd-vXCGeQsC4yJ02mciAGo3gil8 Use this link to obtain the list of who’s in what group and view/download/critique the appropriate documents. Happy reading!

October 5, 2019 Meeting

This is the link for the October 5, 2019 meeting. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1I79EgzQbvPyx4r8BzqY7Zwr9BAOv8ve9 Use this link to obtain the list of who’s in what group and view/download/critique the appropriate documents. Happy reading!

November 2, 2019 Meeting

This is the link for the November 2, 2019 meeting. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Gxiio-cf0H2SS51_Ys1eXLCBY_G-vMjj Use this link to obtain the list of who’s in what group and view/download/critique the appropriate documents. Happy reading!


Please contact us at our email address, docs@lawriterscritiquegroup.com, to send submissions and critiques.